Simply put, “The Idiomatiques” are a unique listening experience.

The band draws mainly from Gypsy Jazz, but the accomplished musicians of many genres bring their own flair.

Forming about four years ago, they recently became the first Gypsy Jazz band in history to place in

Billboard's contemporary jazz top 30 chart, spending eleven weeks there.

“The Idiomatiques" combine virtuosic instrumental abilities with some vocals and comedy, 

using a mixture of Gypsy Jazz, Latin, mainstream jazz and even some R'nB.

Members of the band have worked with

Michael Jackson, Kenny Loggins, BoyzIIMen, Michael McDonald & Larry Carlton

among a host of other world renowned recording artists.

It's here! - the new album by The Idiomatiques...

"Out On The Town"

A fun-filled romp of sparkling originals & classic Gypsy Jazz standards.

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Out On The Town is a wild ride

from one Jazz era to the next....



- Kenny Loggins,

  Grammy award winning 

 musician & composer

"I really like this album. I love the mixing and blending...

- Joe Renzetti,

Academy Award

winning composer

"Killer stuff throughout...

- Chris Spector,

Midwest Record Review

The experts all agree...

"What I like is that the writing is just as strong as the playing.....

   - Doug Perkins,

"The Idiomatiques is a guarantee for a great night out....

   - Danny Lux,

    multi Emmy-nominated

    composer & musician

"Hard to resist this album that is as light and tasty as an almond croissant."


 - George W. Harris,

  Jazz Weekly